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Shirt Supporting the Post

June 29, 2011

This t-shirt idea was sighted on Facebook last night, presumably by the person who designed it, asking the question “would you wear this?” Post-pride? If you’ve got it, get on it. I wonder if the proceeds will get donated to a seatpost related charity?

New Boner Bikes Grips

June 28, 2011

We got an email with some new product information early today. Behold the new Boner Bikes “Penis” grip. Here’s what Boner had to say:

“Our new Penis grips feature a revolutionary life-like compound which we’ve borrowed from the sex-toy industry”

It wasn’t clear from the Boner email whether these grips are targeted at female riders, or the overall enthusiast. We’re also not sure if they’ll be available in a larger sized black model.

Van Homan: Fit-ting in with a Tall Post

June 6, 2011

This one is just in from a bike check over on the Fit Bike Co. web site. As you can see, street legend Van Homan has raised up and laid back. Van Homan will save us.

Dakota Roche: Cult of Seatpost

June 6, 2011

Saw this one getting linked around to from an ESPN Bike Check. Fantastic height. We’re guessing street riders are starting to raise there posts, not only as a result of our efforts here, but also so they have bunnyhop height pole handy at all times. The more they start to pop, the higher those posts are going to have to go.

A Facebook Post

June 6, 2011

Saw this one over on the old Facebook floating around. We believe it to be authentic in origin.

Tom Dugan’s Height Pole

May 24, 2011

It’s good to see one of Austin Texas’ new school raising up. Check out the height on Tom Dugan’s post… it’s a few months old, but this one was on Odyssey’s site in the fall. We expect he’s only raised up since.

Ruel Smith Riding High

May 24, 2011

FBM have posted a ton of new photos up on its site, including this one of Ruel Smith displaying a nice high post!