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Interbike: Is All Hope Lost?

September 27, 2009

Photos borrowed from the internet for demonstration purposes.
Interbike ’09 was trouble for the seat post. A stroll through the BMX section and one would quickly notice that profit margins have dwindled so much that manufacturers have had to cut back somewhere, and unfortunately, that means relegating the seat post to a stub. Some even eliminated the post all together, building a seat attachment point to the frame. Bad news for seat posts, worse news for our good friend the seat post clamp.

Try raising this post for your side glides!

There was a glimmer of hope in the Sunday booth, where all the completes boasted a fist full of post. Sunday cohorts, Odyssey, also had some promising seat post innovations that were longer than a cigarette butt (below).


But the keeper of the flame for seat posts just may have been an unlikely dark horse: Free Agent. A healthy portion of post rose from the seat tubes of its bikes, and we can say whole-heartedly that, while we never expected it from Free Agent, we fully endorse their commitment to going postal.


Some strong anti-seat post propaganda seen below (strong content, viewer beware).

At least the chrome post has some hope. Maybe that is the full grown post and the others are merely juveniles?



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