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We’re Back, and Post Proud as Ever

April 14, 2011

Okay, we took a hiatus. We slacked on this son-of-a-bitch for over a year. It’s been on our minds though… we’ve let the post stew, if you will. Some recent twitter banter (spearheaded by media high-ups as ESPN’s BMX conspirators) have given us the kick in the ass we needed. It took a nudge from Mickey Mouse’s payroll to let us know that people still care. We’ve long been concerned Mickey liked a little pole, and this is confirmation.

A lot has happened in seatpost technology since we’ve been on vacation: There are wedge posts. One-piece seat/post combos came back a-la the Uni days, but, damn it, the young kids are still anti-post. We’re going to see to it that tall, bent metal shafts make their return.

I look forward to compiling my “Top Ten Seatposts of All Time List.” Raise ‘Em Up. We’re Back.

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