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Old Reader Submissions we Missed

April 22, 2011

During a year long hiatus (which just ended a few weeks back) we missed a few priceless email submissions. Fortunately, they were still posting up over in our cloud-based email, and we’ve retrieved them for your viewing pleasure. Thanks guys, sorry for the slack in post-ing.

The first, was sent in by James Cox, from a skatepark in CA.

James had this to say:

Check out this beauty I saw at a skatepark in California…the ultimate metal middle finger to the no bike policy…don’t think my feet could even touch the pedals. Keep doing what you’re doing!
Always sitting at maximum level, James

The second was sent in by the infamous Ramp Up the Jawn crew from PA.

The Jawns had this to say:

Kids these days and their stubby seatposts. Where do they clamp their vice grips?

Matt Shelley sent in this cruiser beauty.

Shelley had this to say:

i’ve been BMXing for 36 years now. but the knees just ain’t what they used to be. so i built my latest racer AROUND the seat post. all 410mm of delicious USA made thomson goodness. sure it bottoms out on the BB, but it’s plenty low enough for racing, and plenty tall enough for riding to work! considering how much the kids ride around town from spot to spot… i just don’t understand why a quick release and a decent post aren’t used more often. take care-
matt shelley
silverback, ABA and NBL cruiser
san francisco, CA

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