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Bringing Back the Seatpost Cover

April 26, 2011

Back when seatposts were long, I mean really long, there was a lot of space for adorning them with extra artistic trinkets, or pieces of flare, if you will. Stickers on the post were popular, but one way to really show that post proud was the addition of an accordion-style seatpost cover. And now that the seatpost seems to be coming into style (if there’s a blog about it, a comeback is certainly forthcoming) I think we’re going to see a resurgence in covers.

Seatpost covers came in a variety of covers, and the plastic tubing could be cut down to about any size necessary. Or you could just plain squish it down, like an accordion. That’s Jamie Bestwick above, in the only photo we could find of a modern day pro representing the accordion cover.

And how could I have forgotten this beauty. Presumed seatpost user Edward Koenning tweeted back at us after we posted this and noted the infamous Freestylin’ magazine cover of Eddie Fiola sporting a great sheath on his pole. Thanks Ed! Let’s face it, when your bike looks that good, you don’t even have to get extreme to get a cover photo, you just sit back, cross your arms, and suck up your Nora Cup ridden glory.


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